Moovit in Green

Last week, Egged announced they expanded their electric bus service. We decided to share all the green transit options available to you so you can make your journey greener with Moovit. 


An electric bus works quietly and does not emit poisonous gases to the air.

Currently, there are 80 electric buses that operate in Israel.


🌿 Egged– Egged operates 35 electric buses in Jerusalem, Haifa and HaKrayot areas. By 2024, Egged plans to operate 185 electrical buses countrywide

🌿 Metropoline– Since 2017, Metropoline has started operating 4 electric buses in HaSharon area

🌿 Dan– Since 2016, Dan has started operating 30 electric buses in Tel Aviv, on bus lines 4 and 5

🌿 Kavim– Kavim operates 6 electrical buses in the Modi’in-Macabim-Reut area

🌿 Superbus– Superbus operates 5 electrical buses in Afula

🌿 Israel Railway– Israel Railways is in the process of changing the trains from diesel to electric


Other green means of transport include bikes, electric scooters, carpooling, and much more.

Go Green with Moovit! Plan a trip using public transportation, or take advantage of one of the other options available on Moovit – bike share, dockless scooter, or carpool.


Have a great, green weekend,

Moovit team