Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

February 10, 2021

    Moovit wishes everybody a very Prosperous Chinese New Year. 恭喜發財,萬事如意


    We wish you a very prosperous CNY, with lots of ang bao like them (With the pandemic that is affecting us, maybe e-Ang bao would be better alternatives)


    This year’s Chinese New Year will be unlike other with the raging pandemic that changes almost everything we do for the past year, many of us would not be able to travel home to celebrate with our family. But for those who are able to celebrate, do practice safe practices such as frequent washing of hand and wear a mask where possible. In the meantime, there are some changes to public transport services from today onwards

    1) Change to operation hours on MRT, LRT, & Monorail

    From today (11 February 2021) onwards, RapidRail, the operator for MRT, and RapidKL’s LRT & Monorail had announced a change of operation hour throughout the MCO 2.0 period. Train service will operate from 6am to 11pm** with the following frequencies.

    Time PeriodHeadwayHeadway in City*
    6am – 7am5 – 15 minutes5 minutes
    7am – 9am4 – 8.5 minutes3.5 minutes
    9am – 5pm9.3 – 15 minutes7 minutes
    5pm – 7pm4 – 8.5 minutes3.5 minutes
    7pm- 11pm13 – 15 minutes7 minutes

    * Headway in city applicable for Ampang Line/Sri Petaling Line between Sentul and Chan Sow Lin

    ** Entrance to stations will be closed at 11pm. Only exiting the station is possible after 11pm

    You ride, Moovit guides!