Harbour Line services Dec 22-26: Belapur Station Affected

December 19, 2017

    There will be changes to service on the Harbour line affecting around 209 train services from Belapur from December 22 – December 25 due to construction between Belapur and Khakopar stations for the new Seawoods-Uran line.

    The most Important information you need to know:

    • Trains will neither originate or terminate at Belapur Station for 5 days, trains will instead run to and from Nerul Station
    • CR will also conduct maintenance work on December 22 and 23, around 64 local trains will be cancelled on these 2 days
    • During morning peak hours out of 8 Belapur originating services, only 1 will instead be run from Vashi
    • During the evening peak hours, 2 out of the 8 Belapur terminating services will be cancelled. 5 services will be extended to Panvel and 1 till Vashi.


    • On December 24 – 12 trains will be cancelled


    • On December 25, (Christmas Day) from December 24 at midnight until 3 pm the next day, there will be a 15-hour block between Nerul and Belapur
    • 80 special local services Nerul and CSMT during the block period


    • Local services between Thane and Vashi will not be disrupted

    Additional Information

    • Central Railway has planned special services to ease commuters’ woes during these four days, which will include 100 special services on December 25. Morning services on December 22 and December 23 will be unaffected, barring one Belapur train, which will start from Vashi.
    • Central Railways has requested the NMMT to run more buses during these days.