The Dedicated Citizen of Guadalajara

September 28, 2017

    Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

    Ambassador Hector uses his technical expertise to promote social good in his home city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Currently, he is a student of Engineering in Computer Systems in the Tec de Monterrey and works as a web developer. Coincidentally, Tec de Monterrey was one of the first universities to integrate the Moovit University Program into their course curriculum. However, Hector did not participate in that program. His collaboration with Moovit came later on.

    Initially Hector joined the Mooviter Community after noticing some flaws in certain routes. He decided to take matters into his own hands and joined the Mooviter Community in 2016. Empowered by Moovit’s proprietary Editor, he began to systematically address the needs of the complex public transit system in Guadalajara.

    Guadalajara is Mexico’s fourth most populous municipality, and a cultural epicenter with a booming economy. In such a dynamic environment, mobility is essential. The greatest challenge is in accessing data. Official data is limited and schedules often change without much notice, but Hector is not easily deterred. To the contrary, he is inspired by the tangible contributions he is making in his city. Each edit makes someone’s commute easier and more efficient, and that fuels his ambition.

    To further his cause, he provides support to the other Mooviters who use the Editor one of whom is Alejandro who has been a Mooviter since December of 2016. Together Hector and Alejandro update routes and schedules to ensure their local community members can use public transportation confidently.

    Hector may explore other projects in the future, but he’s currently focused on Guadalajara as his highest priority. He wants to feel like he has completed this project before jumping into another–quality over quantity. Knowing that his community can use Moovit to navigate the city without needing to rely on others for directions keeps him motivated.

    Thank you Hector for your dedication to improving mobility in your community together with Moovit!