Here’s how Moovit is making your commute easier!

May 28, 2018

    The full new Magenta line is available today in the app!!!

    You can trip plan with the Magenta metro line HERE

    The Moovit team works very hard to make sure the new metro routes are available as soon as they’re operational 

    Our goal at Moovit is to make your travel around Delhi easier, quicker and smoother. That’s why our team is constantly adding new modes of transport in new parts of the NCR, and updating information on the Moovit application and asking you, our users, what Moovit can do to improve your travel experience.

    If you have friends, family or colleagues that you know will benefit from Moovit’s service, you can easily share this with them via whatsapp using the whatsapp icon below.

    Here’s what the Moovit team has added to the application recently:

    • Updated local EMU trains
    • DTC’s Outer Ring Route
    • Moovit launches all new metro lines such as the Magenta and Pink lines the day they’re opened (you can plan a trip with these buses or view these routes in the app’s line view tab)
    • All of the Metro feeder routes (you can plan a trip with these buses or view these routes in the app’s line view tab)

    After listening to your feedback, the Moovit team has updated the following in the application recently:

    • Updated all DTC bus timings according to the DTC’s scheduled departures
    • From your survey responses, we’re constantly updating missing stops from bus routes that have recently changed


    Did you know you can sleep while on the bus, train or metro soundly, as Moovit will wake you up when your stop is approaching with our live directions and get-off features?

    Tap HERE, we’ll show you how it works!

    Did you know Shuttl services are available for you in the app too? So, if you’re searching for the quickest way to the office in the morning, or home at night Shuttl might get you there quickly?

    We will continue to improve the information we provide you, so to tell us what Moovit can do to improve your travel in Delhi, tap HERE.