Hopping on the Community Bus

October 27, 2015

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    This month we have the pleasure of hearing from Alberto from Zaragoza in Spain about his journey with the Moovit Community. Alberto, a nature loving systems analyst, heard about Moovit when he read an online article about navigation apps and downloaded the app. He told us, “A few days later I discovered that the app had an option for me to advance the service in my city, so I jumped at the chance to participate.”

    Alberto joined the community project for his home city Zaragoza, but soon he began contributing to other Spanish cities, such as Huesca and Toledo. He has also completing an entirely new country, Andorra. He told us that, “I get along with the Editor, it’s easy to use but I like everything to be 100% correct.” All Community team members who speak to Alberto attest to his meticulous approach.

    When we asked Alberto about some of his experiences in the Moovit Community he recounted the first day that he spoke with Anette, who heads the Moovit Community in the Spanish speaking region, on a skype call. “I was surprised when Anette opened all of the doors and gave me a tour of the office, I saw the whole Moovit staff busily typing away. My curiosity was peaked when I saw the actual wall of fame there with all of the photos.”

    Alberto also serves as a Community mentor, imparting his wisdom and experience on other members of the Community. He cheerfully notes that, “I have good vibes with some Community members from Spain.” It is no secret that at Moovit’s core there is a highly motivated and altruistic group of people, Alberto adds that, “with the help of this great editing Community, Moovit is able to go where other apps cannot.”

    We would like to celebrate Alberto for all his benevolence, with a big heart and kind nature, he chuckles at his own addiction to mapping and states, “the desire to contribute comes from within oneself. Join the Community because you like what it means to others and stay because you like the project and the people.”

    Not afraid to begin new challenges, Alberto is currently studying English. To him we say the best of luck and thank you for being such an important part of the Moovit Community!