HSL’s Tickets and fares 2016

January 26, 2016

    Travel Card season tickets

    • You can load on your Travel Card a season ticket for any period between two weeks and one year (14-366 days). The price of a season ticket consists of the 14-day basic fare and the price of extra days for the 15–352 days following.
    • You can load one or two consecutive season tickets leaving a maximum of 60 days between each one. The tickets are priced separately.
    • The validity of the season ticket can begin immediately or within 1–60 days from the moment of purchase.




    Day tickets

    • Tickets loaded on a single-charge card are valid from the time they are first used, including during the night fare hours.
    • Ticket machines, drivers and conductors only sell Helsinki internal and regional day tickets. The tickets are paper tickets valid from the moment of purchase.




    Single tickets



    Travel Card value tickets


    Other charges
    • Card charge €5, processing fee €6. A processing fee is charged e.g. for the transfer of season ticket or value from a lost Travel Card to a new one.
    • If a passenger is not able to produce a valid ticket, they are charged a penalty fare and the price of a single (or value) ticket.

    Transfer from one vehicle to another
    • Internal value and single tickets for Helsinki are valid for 60 minutes, on some routes for 20 minutes longer.
    • Mobile tickets for Helsinki are valid for 80 minutes.
    • Internal tickets for Espoo, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi and KeravaSipoo, as well as regional and 2-zone extended regional tickets are valid for 80 minutes.
    • Three-zone extended regional tickets are valid for 100 minutes.
    • Tram tickets entitle you to transfers on tram routes only. Transfer time is 60 minutes.
    •For tickets purchased from ticket machines and VR’s booking offices the transfer times are 10 minutes longer.