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איך מגיעים להופעה של Imagine Dragons בפארק הירקון 29.08?

September 20, 2023

Dear passengers, 

Planning to go to the Imagine Dragons concert at Yarakon Park? Moovit does Whatever It Takes so you get to the show and get home easily!🎤🐉

Avoid heavy traffic jams and parking searches and use public transportation services 🚌.


For convenient and easy access, try the ” Dan ” line options :

  • Lines 2,44,189 – arrive at the station at the Expo Complex/Exhibition Gardens.
  • Lines 33,42,52,57,67,142,238,266 – arrive at bus stops in the Ilion Mall area.

At the end of the show you can use these lines and in addition “Dan” company will increase the following lines:

  • Line 2, lines 33, 42, 52, 57, 67, 142, 238, 266 – will depart from the expo complex / exhibition grounds towards the west and line 67 will depart from the Ayalon Mall towards Ramat Gan. 

For details of the routes and stations, go to the “Lines” tab in the Moovit application.

Source: Ticketmaster.

Israel Railways

From Tel Aviv University station:

  • Special trains Tel Aviv University – Nahariya (8180, 8182, 8184)
    Stops : Herzliya, Beit Yehoshua, Netanya, Hadera West, Binyamina, Haifa Hoof HaCarmel, Haifa Bat Galim, Haifa Center Hashmona, Hafaretz Center, Kiryat Haim, Kiryat Motzkin, Acre, Nahariya (last station).
    Estimated departure times : 23:25, 23:35 and 00:10.


  • Special trains: Tel Aviv University – Herzliya (8694, 8696)
    Stops: Bnei Brak, Kiryat Aryeh Substation, Segula Substation, Rosh Ha’Ein North, Nordau Bus Station, Hod Hasharon Sokolov, Ra’anana South, Ra’anana West and Herzliya (Last Stop).
    Estimated departure times: 23:45 and 00:15.


  • Special trains: Tel Aviv University – Ashkelon (8691, 8693, 8695)
    Stops: Tel Aviv Sevidor Merkaz, Tel HaShalom, Tel Hagana, Holon Junction, Holon Wolfson, Bat Yam Yoseftal, Bat Yam Kommiam, Rashel “C Moshe Dayan, Yavneh Merab, Ashdod ad Halum, Ashkelon (last stop).
    Estimated departure times: 23:10, 23:50, 00:10.


  • Special train: Tel Aviv University – Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon (8789)
    Stops: Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz, Tel HaShalom, Tel Hagana, Netavg, Jerusalem Yitzhak Navon (last stop).
    Estimated departure time: 23:40.


  • Special train: Tel Aviv University – Modi’in Merkaz (8183)
    Stops: Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz, Tel HaShalom, Tel Hagana, Netavg, Fati Modi’in, Modi’in Merkaz (last stop).
    Estimated departure time: 00:10.


  • Regular trains: Modi’in Merkaz-Nahariya (134, 136) leaving every night at 23:01, 00:01.
    Additional stops: Herzliya, Beit Yehoshua, Netanya and Hadera West.


  • Regular trains: Lehavim Rahat – Herzliya (54,56)
    additional stops at Tel Aviv University (at 23:20, 00:20).
    Stops: Bnei Brak, Kiryat Aryeh subdistrict, Segula subdistrict, Rosh Ha’Ein North, Nordau bus station, Hod Hasharon Sokolov, Ra’anana South, Ra’anana West, Herzliya (last stop).


  • Regular train: Binyamina – Beer Sheva-Merkaz (291)
    The route will be extended and the train will stop at the Tel Aviv University station at 11:49 p.m. and will also stop at the following stations: Sderot, Nativot, Ofakim and Beer Sheva.
  • Standby trains will be set up and operated according to demand.


🔔All trains will stop at all intermediate stations on the travel lines. Passengers arriving at the northern stations from the Haifa station will change trains at the Haifa Central Hasmona station and continue to their destination.

Source: Israel Railways.

Due to the expected traffic congestion – please arrive early to the show🎶🎉

It is recommended to plan your trip in advance 🚥. *Unforeseen changes may occur*.

For your convenience, Moovit is updated with all the latest changes announced by the Ministry of Transport.

Have a nice trip 🙂

The Moovit team