Information on public transport to the MWC

February 24, 2016


    Wednesday 24 February

    Due to the metro strikes TMB recommends no taking the metro and using alternative transport to get about the city.

    Thursday 25 February

    Due to the partial stoppages bus services will be affected between 9-11am and 19.30-21.30 pm.

    How to get to the Gran Via exhibition centre

    You can get there by the following means:

    For 4YFN, which is held at the Montjuïc exhibition centre, a special bus will run between the Gran Via and Montjuïc sites.

    See map showing the special bus route between the Gran Via and Montjuïc exhibition centres, in PDF format

    See map showing metro links to the Gran Via exhibition centre, in PDF format

    How long does it take to get there?

    The L9 Sud links El Prat airport terminals directly with the Gran Via exhibition site and three other metro lines (L1, L3 and L5), which take you into the city. On Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 February:

    Image showing metro journey time to Fira

    Planning journeys in the metropolitan area

    The following apps will help you plan your journeys:

    • TMB Maps: a website to plan your journeys anywhere in the city and its environs and locate the nearest transport, amongst many other functions!
    • TMB iBus: find out when the next bus is due at a stop.

    The apps TMB App and TMB Maps are also available for mobile devices.

    Don’t forget to check out the tickets section to find out which tickets and travel cards are valid for journeys to the airport and how the L9 Sud works.

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    Source: TMB