Partner of the Month

March 23, 2016


    In addition to the thousands of volunteers across the globe that help perfect public transit information, we’re very thankful for the meaningful transit operator partnerships that help connect accurate information from their cities to the app. At the end of February a partnership between Trenord and Moovit was finalized to help provide accurate real time information to the 714,000 people that Trenord moves daily.

    For the first time app users in the city will be able to plan their journeys using all the modes of transport the city has available. In his interview with us, Riccardo highlighted live waiting time, “as the most important information to travel in Milan.” And now, thanks to the teams at both Trenord and Moovit, the entire region’s public transport users have all the live information in the palm of their hands.


    Above photo – Cinzia Faris, CEO of Trenord and Alex Torres, Moovit’s VP of Product Marketing