How to Stay Dry When Traveling

March 19, 2019

It can be challenging to stay dry and and warm during stormy weather, especially when taking advantage of public transport. Here are some tips to avoid the rain when you travel:

  1. Invest in a lightweight raincoat – A hooded raincoat can provide more protection from the rain than an umbrella. Plus, you can keep your hands free. You’re also less likely to leave your raincoat on the floor of the bus or train, unlike an umbrella.
  2. Plan the “least walking” route – Choosing the “Least walking” route when planning a trip on Moovit. Tap “Edit” in the trip plan, and then “Options”. 
  3. Use Moovit’s real-time arrivals – The green numbers in your trip plan indicate a live arrival countdown in minutes for your bus or train. Take shelter in the nearest coffee shop before running out in time for the bus.
  4. Have some back-ups – Leave an extra pair of shoes and socks under your desk. If you step in a muddy puddle, you don’t have to deal with wet feet all day!
  5. Grab an Uber – For door-to-door service, Moovit also has ride-sharing apps like Uber as part of the trip plan so that you can compare the transit journey time and see how a car would cost without swapping apps.