Kinship in Italy

March 15, 2016


    The first spotlight falls upon Riccardo who studies Business at the University of Bergamo, not far from his home city of Milan in Northern Italy. Riccardo is keen on economics but reveals, “Public transport has always been my great passion; plus I love to help people if I can.” It was this view on life that first drew Riccardo to Moovit. “I found Moovit in 2013 because it was the only app for public transportation in my area. I began using the app every day, but only discovered the Community in July 2015 when I met Giacomo, who informed me about the Editor.” (Giacomo is Moovit’s Operational and Community manager in Italy) Riccardo became interested and began immediately to add lines that didn’t yet exist on the app. He elaborated on his experiences, “I find it much fun being part of this community! I think the Editor is a must have tool to accompany the app. Everyone, with their own experiences and on their own time can contribute. I continue to help in the community because I know I’m doing something useful for myself and for the other people who use public transport in Italy every day.”

    Riccardo is modest about his accomplishments, but since joining the Community he has added or perfected almost 200,000 unique data points and contributes to more than 10 cities across Italy. About his tremendous experience he says, “Anyone who is interested in helping others and knows a bit about their city can participate.” Riccardo’s dedication is not limited to mapping, he often meets with Giacomo to discuss how to improve the data on the app. “It’s really nice to share my own interests with other people and I consider the friendship that I’ve made with Giacomo to be the best part of becoming a member of the Community!”

    Moovit’s history in Milan has been rich and not only has Riccardo been integral to the service in the city but he benefits from it as well. He analyzes the app in his city, “My journeys are for sure better using Moovit, I’ve reduced my travel time because I’ve discovered great alternative routes I didn’t before know about.”

    To Riccardo we offer a true salute for all of your continuous commitment and to many more years of friendship!