Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake

Bus Service Changes Mid-Autumn Festival

September 13, 2016

    Bus Service Changes Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep. 15. Scroll down to learn more!

    KMB advance the first departure on Sep.15

    N260 from Tuen Men Pier Head at 23:45

    N269 from Tin Tsz at 23:45

    KMB use different timetable on Sep 15

    43P from Hong Kong Science Park  : 15:30, 16:00, 16:20, 16:40, 17:00, 17:30, 18:15 (Last bus)

    272S from Hong Kong Science Park: 15:30, 16:00, 16:15, 16:30, 16:45, 17:00, 17:20, 17:40, 18:00, 18:20 (Last bus)

    KMB extend services on Sep.15

    61M: from Lai King (North) at 01:30, from Yau Oi (South) at 01:30, and the headway is 20mins

    91: From Diamond Hill Railway Station at 23:00,  from Clear Water Way at 01:00 (Sep.16); If the weather is bad, the special service will be canceled.

    283: From Sha Tin Central at 00:30 (Sep.16)

    5K: From Tai Po Market at 12:15am; From Tai Mei Tuk at 1:00am; special departures will omit Tai Po Industrial Estate

    KMB special service

    N601:  From Admiralty Station (East) to Po Tat at 00:15, 00:30 (Sep.16). All midway stops are the same as Route 601.

    96R: From Diamond Hill Railway Station at 17:30-22:00, from Wong Shek Pier at 18:50-23:10 and the headway is 20-25 mins

    Notice: Headway may be adjusted according to traffic conditions

    CTB special timetable on Sep.15

    930A towards Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) advance departure time; depart from Wan Chai North at 16:30, 17:00. And original departures at 18:10, 18:40 will be suspended.

    926B towards Tuen Mun (Chi Fok Fa Yuan) advance departure time; depart from Fleming Rd at 16:20, 16:40, 17:00, 17:20, 17:40. And original departures at 17:58, 18:07, 18:25, 18:40, 19:05  suspended.

    Headway: 16:10-18:00: 10 mins; 18:00-21:00: 15 mins.

    962X towards Tuen Mun (Lung Mun Oasis): 16:05-18:05: 10 mins; 08:05-20:20: 15 mins

    967 towards Tin Shui Wai (Tin Yan Estate) ; 15:40-16:30: 10 mins; 16:30-17:40: 7-8 mins;  17:40-18:10: 10 mins; 18:10-22:40: 15 mins

    969 towards Tin Shui Wai: 16:00-18:00: 8 mins; 18:00-20:00: 12 mins; 20:00-21:00: 10 mins

    969 towards Causway Bay: 15:00-16:45: 15 mins; 16:45-18:45: 20mins

    CTB Route Diversion

    102 will temporarily divert route (subject to the discretion of police on site) until the re-open of the closed road section. After Victoria Park Road, it will divert to operate via Wing Hing Street, King’s Road and then resume its original routing.

    Skip stops: Victoria Park, Causeway Road; Ngan Mok Street, King’s Road

    Temporary stops: Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, Victoria Park Road; Wing Hing Road (same with Route 99)

    307 will change route from Sep 14 to 16. From 7pm until last departure of the day, after arriving at Causeway Bay Flyover, divert via Gloucester Road, Percival Road, Hennessy Road and Yee Wo Street, then resume original routing at Causeway Road

    Skip stops: Victoria Park, Gloucester Road

    Temporary stops: Yee Wo Street outside Hong Kong Mansion  Causeway Road outside Victoria Park (Zone E)

    These routes will follow original routing and stops if roads are not closed or re-opens early

    CTB special service

    592S operate in the early morning on Sep.16 from Causway Bay (Moreton Terrace) to South Horizons at 01:00 & 02:00. It goes on the same route as 592 (omit South Horizons Drive).

    N6X will operate on Sep.16 from 00:20 to 02:20. The headway is 20 mins. It goes from Stanley to Central (Excahnge Sqaure)

    160 will extend the last bus to 24:00 on Sep.15

    Happy Festival!