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September 5, 2017

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    KMB Route 86C will stop at 「Sun Tin Wai Estate」on Lion Rock Tunnel Road in both directions.


    • KMB Route 14D increased to 5 departures fromYau Tong  at 06:45, 06:52, 06:58, 07:04 & 07:10;
    • CTB Route NA29 increased to 2 departures from Airport Ground Transportation Centre at 04:15 & 05:05.


    • KMB Route 13S stop service;
    • KMB Route 214 launched special departure from Po Tat to Cheung Sha Wan (Kom Tsun Street) at  06:45 & 06:55 on Monday – Fridays (School days); and increased the frequency during weekday morning peak hours.


    LMB launched new morning express route 43D from Tsing Yi (Cheung Wang) to Kwai Shing Central. It will provide services at 07:10 &  07:25 on Monday-Friday (except public holidays).  It will travel via Cheung Hang Estate, Cheung Ching Estate, Kwai Tai Road, Kwai Fong Sports Ground, Osman. R. Sadick Memorial Sports Centre, Kwai Shing (East) Estate, Kwai Luen Estate and Kwai Shing (West) Estate.


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