KMB to Launch New Route 205M

March 12, 2018
    Here are the traffic news you may want to know for this week.

    KMB Route 205M will start service from March 12. 

    The morning special service will only travel from Tsz Wan Shan to Wong Tai Sin at 08:00 from Mondays to Fridays.

    It will arrive at Diamond Hill direct from Kwai Hing.



    Apart from that, KMB route 3B & 5C will go via Tsz Wan Shan Road and Wai Wah Street, then direct to Tsz Wan Shan (Central) Bus Terminus, omitting Wan Wah Street and the section of Tsz Wan Shan Road between Wan Wah Street and Wai Wah Street.

    It will skip bus stop  Tsz Wan Shan Road, Ching Fai House.

    The change applies to departures on or before 9:00AM on Mondays to Fridays.

    On the same day, KMB route 271B will increase its departures.

    Service Hours:

    • From Fu Heng: 7:10AM,5:45PM,6:00PM
    • From Tsim Sha Tsui ( Middle Road): 7:50AM,8:10AM,6:30PM

    KMB Route 286C increase to 7 departures towards  Sham Shui Po from Monday to Friday.

    From Lee On: 7:10AM,7:25AM,7:35AM,7:45AM,7:55AM,8:05AM,8:15AM

    LongWinBus Route A37 towards Hung Shui Kiu will stop at a new bus stop Chung Ki Court, Tin Chung Court.

    LongWinBus Route N30P will cancel the special departure from airport at 12:30am.


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