The Transportation Connoisseur of Kuala Lumpur

August 28, 2017

    Mooviters Kwong, Frederick, and Sabri meet to discuss Moovit in KL, Jan 2017

    Kwong Tung Nan came to Moovit in a moment of transportation desperation while riding the bus to school every day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The transit app he used was not providing accurate information, which had negative consequences for him. If he missed the bus, he was doomed to arrive at school an hour late, missing important class time. Kwong searched for another application that operates in the area and came across Moovit. He discovered a hiccup in Moovit’s data along the his route and decided to take matters into his own hands and become a Mooviter.

    Kwong’s first and current project is in Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley. The project is a conglomerate of projects in the region. Kwong is proactive so as to never miss an opportunity. Along with the other Mooviters, he adds all new lines ahead of their service start date. For example, last month the newest MRT feeder routes were added ahead of the service launch. Kwong takes great pride in his contributions, publishing them to Twitter and Facebook. He actively promotes Moovit as a solution to many of the transit mishaps people complain about on existing reference sites. He contacts them directly and recommends they try Moovit for a smoother transportation experience. He is a dedicated advocate of public transportation. “Making more people rely on public transport is also a great experience, because there is a tingling feeling that you actually helped to reduce carbon emissions,” said Kwong when asked what he finds most enjoyable about mapping.

    The greatest challenge Kwong faces is in accessing quality data. However, he is not easily discouraged. Empowered by the Mooviter Community, including members like Frederick, Foong, GuangPing, Sabri, and Fazley, who make up a tight-knit group of Mooviters in Kuala Lumpur, this team works together to overcome the challenge of accessing high quality transit data. He feels happiest “when people of different backgrounds collaborate for a better future of the world.”

    Kwong has always felt an internal call to action, dedicating himself to different types of volunteer work beginning in school year ten. At present, his time is limited because of his studies, but he always finds space in his busy schedule to be a Mooviter (and we appreciate that!). Thank you Kwong for your contributions to Kuala Lumpur, and to the Mooviter Community–you’re an inspiration!