Planned Service Advisories

May 4, 2016

    Blue line

    Midday Maintenance- Every 24 Min btwn Willowbrook-Long Beach & Boarding Change
    Mon-Fri, May 2-6: 9:30am-2:30pm, Blue Line every 24 min btwn Long Beach-Willowbrook due to maintenance. Trains btwn Willowbrook-Downtown LA approx every 12 min.

    Long Beach-bound trains depart 7th St/Metro Center at approx: 9:33am, 9:46, 9:58, 10:10, 10:22 and every 12 min thru 2:30pm.
    Downtown LA-bound trains depart Downtown Long Beach at approx: 9:27am, 9:50, 10:14, 10:38, 11:02 and every 24 min thru 2:30pm. All times are subject to work-related delays.
    Boarding Change: Trains share 1 track between Florence and Willowbrook.

    Red line

    Late Night Maintenance- Every 20 Min & Boarding Change
    Wed-Thur, May 4-5: After 9pm, Red and Purple Line every 20 min, and Purple Line ONLY btwn Wilshire/Western-Wilshire/Vermont due to maintenance.
    Boarding Change: Red Line shares 1 track in Hollywood and DTLA.

    Why is service being changed? Crews are working on WiFi installation and tunnel lighting for continued safe, on-time, reliable Metro Rail service.

    Gold line

    Northbound Early Morning Trip Adjustment
    Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016 — Saturday, June 25, 2016
    Effective February 21, 2016, the following northbound trips will no longer operate due to low patronage.

    Monday through Friday: 3:40am, 4:10am, and 4:28am
    Saturday and Sunday: 3:40am, 4:10am and 4:25am