Happy Labour Day

September 2, 2020

Contactless Payment has arrived! đŸŽ«đŸ“±

“The AutoritĂ© rĂ©gionale de transport mĂ©tropolitain (ARTM), the provincial agency that oversees Montreal-area public transit, announced on Tuesday that virtual “contact free” bus tickets will be available for purchase via smartphones beginning Sept. 1. They will be valid on buses operated by Exo as well as transit authorities in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.”


 🔁 exo Terrebonne-Mascouche: Modification to the route of line 8 from 📅 June 25 to September 6

Please note that due to the temporary closure of certain streets in Vieux-Terrebonne, the route of line 8 will be changed from June 25 to September 6.

In order to compensate for the withdrawal of certain stops, exo will set up temporary stops on rue Saint-Louis. These stops will be available for the duration of the diversion only.

🧭Eastbound (arriving from Saint-Louis)

Stop deletedAllĂŽ-TRAMTemporary shutdown
Des Braves / Saint-Pierre84976Saint-Louis / Des Braves
Saint-Pierre / Sainte-Marie85786Saint-Louis / Saint-André
Saint-Pierre / Saint-André84887Saint-Louis / Saint-André
Saint-Pierre / Saint-Joseph84978Chapleau / Saint-Pierre
Saint-Pierre / Hat84792Chapleau / Saint-Pierre

🧭Westbound (arriving from Chartrand)

Stop deletedAllĂŽ-TRAMTemporary stop
Saint-Pierre / Saint-Joseph84977Saint-Pierre / Chapleau
Saint-Pierre / Saint-André84886Saint-Louis / Montée Masson
Saint-Pierre / Sainte-Marie85787Saint-Louis / Montée Masson
Saint-Pierre / Des Braves84976Saint-Louis / In front of the College


⛔ Laurentides: Stops temporarily not served for line 60 from 📅 July 7 to September 8

Blainville Street West will be completely closed to traffic for the summer period and line 60 must be diverted from its route, as it cannot serve several stops:

Temporarily deleted stopsAllĂŽ-TRAM
Church Street / in front of the Sainte-ThĂ©rĂšse-d’Avila Church82121
Blainville Street East / Turgeon Street82332

A temporary stop will be installed at the following location:

Temporary shutdownAllĂŽ-TRAM
Rue Sant-Louis / rue BlainvilleN / A

Delays are also possible for this line due to the various obstacles in progress in downtown Sainte-ThérÚse.


🧭 Camillien-Houde way is closed to traffic every Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m 📅until September 27. 

Westbound: Buses do not run on Remembrance and do not go to Lac-des-Castors. They are rerouted onto Edouard-Montpetit and CÎte-Sainte-Catherine.

Eastbound: Buses do not run on Remembrance and do not go to Lac-des-Castors. They are rerouted onto Edouard-Montpetit and CÎte-Sainte-Catherine, until Station Laurier South.

Safe Travels,
The Moovit Family