Let Moovit guide you during school holiday

June 19, 2018

    Hari Raya weekend may be over but school is still out!

    The Hari Raya weekend brings together families across Malaysia and undoubtedly massive traffic along major highways, but there are more reasons to avoid joining the returning crowds just yet as school holiday is still on! If you have no choice but to return work today or in next couple of days, we wish you a safe journey back.

    Use Moovit to plan your journeys in the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang!

    If you’re continuing your holiday post-Hari Raya in these cities where Moovit covers, you’re at luck as your journeys on the local public transport is going to be guided! That’s mean no more wrong bus, no more missed stop!

    If your holiday location isn’t yet covered by us, don’t be upset as we are constantly adding more cities to our coverage. You can help us expand our coverage at the city you’re visiting by joining the Mooviters community and add local bus information to the editor. Find out more about the Mooviters community here.

    What to see and do at Klang Valley?

     Admire the mighty Petronas Towers under the trees of KLCC Park


     Learn about history and evolution of Malaysia at National Museum 
     Spoil yourself with varieties of local cuisine at Jalan Alor

    What to see and do at Johor Bahru?

     Relive your inner child at Legoland 
     Pretend you’re French and start greeting “bonjour” to everyone at Little Paris
     Try to greet His Majesty Sultan of Johor at Istana Bukit Serene

    What to see and do at Penang?

     Break your sweat and challenge yourself to the limit at Escape Adventureplay
    Enjoy your afternoon tea 245meter above the ground at The Top Komtar 
     Befriend with various cute but often misunderstood snakes at Snake Temple

     Get directions to those attractions by typing the Orange colored attraction name in the Moovit App!


    You ride, Moovit guides!


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