Life in a digital world

October 27, 2015

    This month we spoke with Ori, Moovit’s Director of Digital Marketing, about brands, growth and the importance of a strong team. Ori studied Economics and Management but will probably always dream of being a musician. He joined Moovit in May 2014 when the app really started to grow globally. Ori is no stranger to the startup world as before he joined the app he founded and managed 2 of his own startups in the field of digital marketing. “I worked with some of the most well known and coolest brands out there, like Guinness and Coca Cola.” He explained.

    Ori elaborated on his role in the Company, “I’m lucky to lead an amazing team of talented people – the Digital Marketing Team. We are responsible for the distribution of the Moovit app. Say you live in one of the 700 metros that we support and need public transportation info – you can trust my team to make it easy for you to find us on iTunes, the Play Store, Google, Facebook and other digital placements.” Ori remarks, “every day we work with our partners across the world. We produce a lot of creative material that is used for our marketing team, and search for new opportunities.”

    Ori told us, “I’m really proud to be part of a team that really affects Moovit’s global growth and impacts people’s lives in so many places. It’s really challenging to become #1 in every city and country, but with the right people it’s achievable.” He also took his moment in the spotlight as an opportunity to praise you, the Community members, “I
    believe that the one thing that makes Moovit really special is the Community, thanks to them we bring Moovit to many people throughout the world.”