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February 21, 2017

    Your weekly update, keeping you in touch with planned changes to the Merseyside public transport. Does not include roadworks.

    Planned changes to bus services

    No planned changes this week

    No planned changes this week

    St Helens
    No planned changes this week

    No planned changes this week

    Planned changes to rail services

    Wirral Line:
    Wirral Track Renewal 2017 – Phase 2 From Monday 13 February, for 15 weeks, all Wirral line trains will start and finish at James Street station from Monday to Friday. At weekends, all services will start and terminate at Birkenhead North and Birkenhead Central Stations. Rail replacement buses will run between Wirral and Liverpool stations at weekends.

    Northern Line:
    There are no planned changes this week.

    City Line:
    From Monday 27 February to Thursday 2 March the 2309 Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street service, and the 2319 Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Victoria service will be replaced by buses.