Metrolink Services

Track renewal

February 14, 2017

    For 15 weeks, all Wirral line trains will start and finish at James Street station from Monday to Friday. At weekends, all services will start and terminate at Birkenhead North and Birkenhead Central Stations. Rail replacement buses will run between Wirral and Liverpool stations at weekends.

    What rail users need to know:

    Merseyrail Wirral line

    Customers will be affected especially those using cross river trains.
    James St station will be back in use Monday to Friday and for special events. Services will be running to the same timetables as during Phase 1.
    Weekends will see a continuation of the rail replacement service between Birkenhead and Liverpool.
    Trains will not run around the city centre ‘loop’ for the duration of the track renewal works, with the 10A bus an alternative .

    At weekends, trains will start and finish at Birkenhead North and Birkenhead Central and will not run across the river or round the city centre loop. There are a number of alternative travel options: high quality, express rail replacement, existing cross-river bus services and the Mersey Ferries.

    There will be special arrangements for weekends over the Grand National Festival, Easter and the May Bank Holidays, with trains starting and terminating at James Street

    Advice: Check timetables, plan your route, take into account extra journey time.

    Northern Line

    You are not affected.

    Mainline services

    If you use mainline services from Lime Street or Liverpool South Parkway you will not be affected unless you use the Wirral line for part of your journey.

    Merseyrail tickets are valid on the 10A bus which you can use to travel around the ‘loop’ – between James St, Moorfields, Lime Street and Central.

    At weekends rail replacement buses will arrive at and leave from St Georges Plateau adjacent to Liverpool Lime Street Station and from Moorfields.

    Advice: Check timetables and take into account longer journey times.

    Rail replacement buses

    Rail replacement buses will be running at the weekends.

    At weekends, the high quality ‘express’ buses, with on-bus WiFi, will run directly from Birkenhead Central and Birkenhead North to Moorfields Station and St George’s Hall (for Lime Street Station), with return buses at least every 15 minutes.

    There will be additional services to ensure people can still catch early morning mainline trains.

    Merseyrail tickets are valid on these buses and on the 10A bus which you can use to travel around the ‘loop’ – between James St, Moorfields, Lime St and Central.

    Advice: Plan ahead and take into account extra journey times

    What bus users need to know:

    There are 14 existing cross-river bus services that run between Wirral/Chester and Liverpool.

    As rail service frequency will be reduced on the New Brighton and West Kirby lines during track renewal. Rail users may want to take advantage of cross river bus services during this time. The 432/433 (New Brighton-Liverpool service) running every 15 minutes and the 437 (West Kirby-Liverpool service) running every 8 minutes.