London Bank Holiday Travel Update

May 8, 2023

    Bank Holiday Monday 8 May

    London Buses

    A Sunday timetable will operate on all day bus routes and the normal Monday night timetable on night buses on bank holiday Monday 8 May.

    Routes that will not operate on this day:

    327, 346, 347, 375, 377, 383, 385, 389, 399, 424, 467, 470, 497, 549, H3, K4, K5, R2, R5, R8, R10, S3, S4, U10 and X68



    Changes to Cycleway 3

    Temporary changes

    Between Monday 3 April and Monday 15 May 2023 there will be temporary changes to Cycleway 3 around Buckingham Palace and Constitution Hill. These are to support the London Marathon and Coronation events.

    Between Wellington Arch and Birdcage Walk:

    • There will be changes to Cycleway 3’s layout and operation.
    • You will be segregated from motorised traffic
    • You may need to follow the direction of stewards


    Source: Transport for London