Marcio: A Metro Mapping Machine

June 26, 2017


    Marcio began as a Mooviter in mid-2014 as part of a personal pursuit to learn about his surroundings. As his understanding of the transit system deepened, so did his knowledge about Fortaleza, Brazil. Becoming more involved with the community came later after receiving what he describes as “the famous email,” on January 28, 2015, extending an offer to improve his city. At the time, most of the data was already mapped by Vitor F., whose contributions have been thorough in the region. Victor called Marcio after his very first edit, which demonstrated the strength of the community. At present, Marcio contributes to multiple projects in many cities.

    Fortaleza, Marcio’s first project and home city, was a light collaboration, as much of the data was already in the application. With Vitor and fellow Ambassador Wanderson’s help, Marcio started adapting to the Editor and perfecting the data. Together they have accomplished the feat of mapping the complex metro region he describes as “sometimes chaotic.”

    The greatest challenge is inspiring the same passion and dedication he has for urban mobility in other users. To continue expanding into new territories requires him to ask a lot of his fellow Mooviters, which can be daunting, but his attitude never wavers. His mental determination comes in part from his practice of Pa-Kua, which is a form of martial arts that combines elements of Chinese philosophy. It is an altruistic practice that teaches how to encourage others to do good. He applies this attitude to his collaboration with Moovit and aims to inspire the same ethos in others. Marcio is a master of his practice.

    In addition to mapping, he contributes by reaching out to users from other projects, seeking contacts in agencies if necessary, and mapping on OpenStreetMap when needed. Marcio also promotes Moovit through word of mouth to increase brand awareness in his community,similar to his fellow Ambassador in Brazil, Leonardo B.

    The community itself is his favorite part of the Mooviter experience. The other members have provided him with a great source of inspiration and fulfillment. “Even in my local project, it’s great to see that people are interested in taking action and that is going to help other people!” He enjoys learning from Mooviters around the world as they collaborate through remote projects. He especially credits the other international Ambassadors, and the Moovit Team: Fernanda, Erick, Pedro, Gabriella, and Leo, among others. Thank you to Marcio for always being such a positive force in the Mooviter Community, ready to take on anything!

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