Miami downtown rail system from the road with the city in the background on bright sunny day

Miami & South FL Updates Now!

December 10, 2020
    Miami Dade Transit Updates
    • All transit fares are suspended until further notice.
    • Auto reloads for monthly pass holders will be suspended.
    • Metrobus customers will be required to board through the vehicle’s rear entrance. Accommodations for riders with disabilities will continue to be made.
    • Blocked seats closer to operator’s cabin to ensure social distancing
    • For up-to-the-minute alerts see the agency Twitter feed HERE

    Metrobus Updates:

    Rider Alerts:

    • Routes 36A, 36B, 87 & 132 DORAL/TRI-RAIL SHUTTLE: At this time, these routes are following slight detours from NW 53 St., between NW 87 Ave & NW 84 Ave. This is due to the installation of holiday decorations near the area. The detour will take place from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.
    • Route 9: Due to construction at the courthouse, this route is detoured from the Downtown Bus Terminal, between Flagler St & NW 3 St. Route 9 buses will turn left onto N. Miami Ave & then make a right onto SW 2 St and arrive at SW 1 St via SW 1 Ave.
    • Routes 12 & 21: Due to road construction, these routes are detoured from NW 62 St. & NW 14 Ave. Buses will be detoured to NW 71 St. & NW 12 Ave.
    • Routes 36 & 238: At this time, westbound trips are detoured from NW 17 St., between NW 107 Ave & NW 111 Ave, and detoured to NW 12 St. This is due to road construction.

    The following routes are being serviced by alternative vehicles:

    • 8
    • 9
    • 34 Express
    • 39 Express
    • 57
    • 77
    • 120 Beach MAX
    • 135
    • 150 Miami Beach Airport Express
    • S
    • L
    • 95 Express Golden Glades


    Routes, schedules, and frequencies will not change due to vehicle type

    • Various Metrobus routes have adjusted frequencies. Please visit the service updates website
    • All Express Metrobus routes, listed below, have been suspended until further notice:
      • 836 Express
      • 175 Express
      • 95 Express/Broward Blvd to Downtown
      • 95 Express/Broward Blvd to Civic Center
      • 95 Express/Sheridan to Downtown
      • 95 Express/Sheridan to Civic Center
    • Late-night service for the following routes has been suspended:
      • Route 3
      • Route 11
      • Route 27
      • Route 38 Busway Max
      • Route 77
      • Route 112/L
      • Route 119/S
      • Route 246 Night Owl
      • Route 500 Midnight Owl
          • On May 26, route 95 Express Golden Glades was reinstated with an adjusted schedule and 30-minute frequencies morning and afternoon peak hours.
          • The following Metrobus routes, which have overlapping service, have been suspended until further notice due to low ridership. Riders can use alternative routes to get to their destination:
            • Route 79 riders can take route 112/L
            • Route 204 users can take route 104
            • Route 288 riders can use route 88

    Metrorail Updates:

    • Metrorail service hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
    • Passengers heading to the Miami International Airport station will need to transfer at Earlington Heights station to catch the Orange Line train
    • Orange Line train available only from Earlington Heights. The frequency is every 15 minutes all day on weekdays.
    • During the morning peak hours on weekdays, Metrorail Green Line trains on the mainline traveling between Dadeland South and Palmetto stations will run every 10 minutes. Off-peak frequency will be every 15 minutes on weekdays.

    Metromover Updates:

    • Metromover service has resumed after a water main break on December 9th. For more info. see HERE
    • Metromover service hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
    • The average frequency will be approximately five minutes all day weekdays

    For more MDT transit service information see the agency website here


    SFRTA/Tri-Rail Update

    • SFRTA/Tri-Rail Fares have resumed
    • SFRTA/Tri-Rail is operating at a 46-train weekday service as of December 8th
    • Tri-Rail’s schedule is now up to over 90% service pre-COVID. To learn more click HERE


    Broward County Transit (BCT) Update

    • Rider Alert: Routes 11, 36, 40, Fort Lauderdale
      Effective Sunday, December 13, 2020
      6:00AM Until 11:30AM

      – 14th Annual 13.1 Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon & Jingle Bell Jog 5K

      – The City of Fort Lauderdale will be hosting the 14th Annual 13.1 Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon & Jingle Bell Jog 5K. Races will be running simultaneously on Las Olas Boulevard, through the Victoria Park Neighborhood, and on Florida State Road A1A.
      – The following detours will be in effect:

      – ROUTE 11 EASTBOUND: From eastbound on Las Olas Boulevard buses will turn north on NE 15th Avenue to Broward Boulevard; west on Broward Boulevard to Federal Highway; north on Federal Highway to Oakland Park Boulevard; east on Oakland Park Boulevard to A1A; north on A1A and continue on the regular route.

      – ROUTE 11 WESTBOUND: Eastbound detour will be reversed.

      – ROUTE 36 EASTBOUND: From eastbound on Sunrise Boulevard, buses will turn north on Bayview Drive and layover at the pull-in just north of NE 11th Street.

      – ROUTE 36 WESTBOUND: From the temporary layover, buses will travel north on Bayview Drive to NE 11th Court; east on NW 11th Court to Seminole Drive; south on Seminole Drive to NE 11th Street; west on NE 11th Street to Bayview Drive; south on Bayview Drive through the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard to NE 9th Street; east on NE 9th Street to NE 26th Avenue; north on NE 26th Avenue to Sunrise Boulevard and continue on the regular route.

      – ROUTE 40 EASTBOUND: From northbound on A1A buses will turn west on Harbor Drive, then south on Harbor Drive, then east on Harbor Drive to A1A; south on A1A to SE 17th Street; west on SE 17th Street to the temporary layover stop just west of Eisenhower Boulevard West.

      – ROUTE 40 WESTBOUND: Buses will depart the temporary layover 15 minutes after the scheduled Galleria Mall departure times, traveling westbound on the regular route.

    • BCT has suspended all fares until further notice
    • For more information see the agency service changes and agency website here

    Palm Tran Update


    Key West Transit

    • Key West Transit is running on a reduced schedule
    • For more info. see the agency website HERE


    For further South Florida Transit Agency information see the link found HERE