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Miami Metro Area: A more efficient way to travel!

August 1, 2018

    Your 10-Step Guide to Using Miami-Dade Transit’s EASY Pay App

    1. Download the EASY Pay Miami app via Google Play or the App Store (it’s free!).
    2. Create an account with your email address and add your payment information.
    3. Now you’re ready to purchase tickets and one step closer to riding transit.
    4. Decide if you want to Plan Your Route or Buy Tickets — you can do both with this app! (We’re going to pretend we heard you say, “I want to buy some tickets now!”)
    5. Select the “Buy Tickets” option (currently, there is only the option for a 1-Day Pass) and choose your ticket quantity (max ten per transaction).
    6. Add your tickets to your cart and select “Pay Now” to complete your purchase.
    7. Choose to either use your ticket now or save for later.
    8. Click “activate ticket” when you’re ready to go.
    9. Show the Metrobus operator your active ticket or scan it at the barcode-equipped fare gate.
    10. Congratulations, you’re now riding transit!


    How can Moovit help you?

    • Check when your bus or train is coming in real time with Moovit’s flashing arrival estimates. Learn more here: Moovit Real Time.
    • For the latest information check @IRideMDT for up-to-the-minute station information
    • Always check service alerts found in the Alerts tab, to make sure you have the latest information
    • Make sure to check for changes to schedules before getting on-board

    Learn more about checking Alerts in Moovit in Moovit’s Help Center or on Moovit’s Blog.

    You ride, we guide.