The Energized Existence of Milos

June 20, 2016


    We move now to Belgrade, Serbia to meet an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student named Milos, who enjoys dance, music and photography. Milos heard about the Community when he first downloaded Moovit and saw that he could help improve his city. Milos admits, “I didn’t start editing right away. A couple of months passed before I started editing. At first I wasn’t sure what I was doing…” Milos’s modesty is extraordinary because thanks to his enthusiasm and perseverance in learning the methods of the Community Editor inside and out, he was invited to become the Ambassador for the whole country of Serbia. Milos describes the moment he was asked to become Ambassador as, “The biggest achievement for me so far regarding Moovit.” Milos has had many such achievements in his Community history; for example, he obtained the elusive public transport information for the 84 bus routes in the second largest city in Serbia, Novi Sad, where it had previously seemed impossible to obtain the information. He tells us, “I am proud of myself because I did manage to insert all the information in Novi Sad and I think I can say that thanks to me, now we have that city in the app.”

    Milos states, “I’ve been trying to help the Community since I first enrolled in the Program and started editing, but when I became the Community Ambassador I got a whole new level of responsibility.” Milos now moderates all the changes not only for Belgrade and Novi Sad but for all of the active Serbian Community cities. “I’m more committed to help everyone get to know the Editor,” he adds. Addressing the Serbian Community directly, he would like to reassure newer members, “If you have any questions, if you have suggestions how we could improve the Community, please write to me and I will do everything I can. Be brave and do something for your local community.” Milos is not alone in his mission to help public transport users across the country and heartily recognizes the efforts of Nikola K., for adding the suburban routes around Belgrade. He declares, “In the name of all the Community, I thank you! Congratulations and keep it up.”

    Our Serbian Ambassador is not content with resting, despite adding or editing more than 200,000 unique data points in the country in under a year. He has also just finished mapping Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia. Milos is now in the middle of his intensive exam period for his penultimate year at university, has just finished filming for a Serbian TV show for which he is a background dancer, and still finds time to map new cities to help even more people use public transport with peace of mind. We have only one word to describe this. Wow!