Montreal Metro Area Transit Updates

November 23, 2018

    En raison d’une série de facteurs dont les conditions météo, des retards sont à prévoir sur le réseau bus.

    Veuillez planifier en conséquence!

    (English below)


    Due to a series of factors including weather conditions, delays are expected on the bus network.

    Please plan accordingly!


    How can Moovit help you?

    • Always check service alerts found in the Alerts tab, to make sure you have the latest information
    • Traveling in a wheelchair or with a stroller? Use Moovit’s accessible trip planner!
    • For the latest information check @STMinfo (fr) @STMinfo (en)
    • Make sure to check for changes to schedules before getting on-board

    Learn more about checking Alerts in Moovit in Moovit’s Help Center or on Moovit’s Blog.

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