Jean-Drapeau Station

April 26, 2016

    The station is now accessible through the east and west entrances

    The entrance on the west side was completely redesigned. Over the next few weeks, we will finish some of the work and, when using the west entrance, you must purchase your transit fares from the vending machine near the turnstiles.

    To purchase your fare from the ticket counter attendant, you must use the east entrance facing the Biosphere.

    Easier than ever to reach the islands!

    The refurbishing project for Jean-Drapeau station aims to considerably increase the station’s crowd capacity, while optimizing the movements and flow of people when major, large-scale events take place. To give you an idea of their magnitude, the station sees up to seven times more people within its walls in summer than during the winter season.
    Starting in spring, this heritage station will be even better suited to truly be the gateway to Parc Jean-Drapeau!