F1 Gates

September 14, 2017
    Wondering how to get to different F1 gates of Marina Bay Circuit?

    There are more than 10 different F1 gates at Marina Bay Circuit. Each one has different access criteria (for example, staff use) and different facilities such as first aid, ticketing booth, viewing platforms and etc.

    Moovit has prepared you solutions to help you find the F1 gates as fast as possible.

    Solution 1: Search the gate directly (just type gate + No),  the list of gates will appear automatically.

    F1 Gates

    You can also press ” Show on map” to see all of the gates on the map.

    F1 Gates on map

    Solution 2: Go to “Nearby Stations”, move the map to Marina Bay Circuit area, zoom in and you will see a special gate icon for Formula One.


    Enjoy the race and find the right gate with Moovit.


    You Ride, Moovit Guide! 


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