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August 22, 2017

    You know what? World’s largest public transport app makes around NUS or to Johor Bahru easier.

    As students transition from summer back to school, Moovit has all of your transportation needs covered.

    In addition to public transit routes, Moovit covers numerous official school bus routes and college shuttles.

    In Singapore, check out all the school shuttles inside NUS campuses – Just type NUS in the “Lines” Tab.

    NUS Shuttle

    Photo credit: NUS website

    Maybe you are a daily commuter crossing border of Singapore to Johor Bahru.

    Ever wondered how you can find the bus going to & coming back?

    No worries, Moovit have you covered.

    Check out all the cross border bus services between Singapore & Johor Bahru in Moovit.

    No need to switch app to check buses since over 1,500 cities in 77 countries supported in Moovit.


    You Ride, Moovit Guide!


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