Wheelchair Access Routes in Moovit

September 18, 2017

    The Most Comprehensive Wheelchair Access Routes for Travelers with Restricted Mobility

    You might have heard that SMRT introduced 7 bus services to be wheelchair accessible last Sunday (Sep.17).

    But have you noticed the accessible routes in Moovit app?

    It provides the right information such as step-free access routes from street level to the train and lift availability on the transport network.

    The accessibility feature is another step forward to make the app useful for any transit riders after the support of VoiceOver/TalkBack for the visually impaired last year.

    Thanks to the new feature, commuters will be directed around the transport network in the most efficient way possible, getting travelers with restricted mobility from A to B using routes that are fully wheelchair accessible.



    (example in Boston)

    If you know someone who needs a transit app with accessible features, share Moovit with him.


    Whether you’re visually-impaired, have restricted mobility or motoric issues, there should be no barriers to using public transport in 2017, and Moovit is working hard to ensure there are not

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