U3/U6 service interruptions

The turnout system with a total of 9 points south of the Münchner Freiheit underground station will be replaced from Monday, 13 July until approx. Friday, 18 September 2020. Therefore U3 and U6 will be interrupted between Münchner Freiheit and Universität and a replacement bus service will be provided.
Please expect your travel time to be extended by 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the time of day and the direction of travel


U3 is replaced between Moosach and the city centre by U8 in a 10-minute headway. Between Scheidplatz and Sendlinger Tor the trains run on the U2 line and thus also reach the Central Station. On weekdays from ca. 6 until 20 hrs. U8 continues to Mangfallplatz.
The section Scheidplatz – Bonner Platz – Münchner Freiheit is served by a shuttle train in a 10-minute headway.
Between Universität and Fürstenried West U3 runs as usual, during daytime trains depart here every 8 minutes.


Between Garching-Forschungszentrum resp. Fröttmaning and Münchner Freiheit U6 runs in a 5-minute headway.
In late traffic starting at ca. 21.30 hrs. U6 can only run on a single track every 20 minutes in the Kieferngarten – Münchner Freiheit section, as the other track must be used by construction trains then.
In the section Universität – Sendlinger Tor – Implerstraße – Klinikum Großhadern during daytime trains depart every 8 minutes.


U8 runs Moosach – Olympiazentrum – Scheidplatz – Hauptbahnhof – Sendlinger Tor in 10-minute headway. Monday to Friday on working days from ca. 6 until 20 hrs. the trains continue from Sendlinger Tor via Kolumbusplatz to Mangfallplatz.
For journeys in the section Kolumbusplatz – Giesing Bf. – Innsbrucker Ring – Neuperlach Zentrum please use  U2 and U5.

Replacement bus


Replacement bus U6 serves the section Münchner Freiheit – Giselastraße – Universität, during the day partly in a 2-minute headway.

Please note that bicycles cannot be carried on the replacement buses for safety reasons.

The scope of validity of your ticket is not altered due to the replacement bus service.
Please pay attention to the signage for the replacement services at Münchner Freiheit, Giselastraße and Universität.


In the north replacement bus U34 runs Monday to Friday Scheidplatz – Bonner Platz – Potsdamer Straße – Dietlindenstraße – Effnerplatz – Arabellapark in a 10-minute headway additionally. For a selection of further bypass options please refer to the network map in this booklet.

 Advice for journeys between Moosach/Olympiazentrum and the city centre

Passengers wishing to travel between Moosach resp. Olympiazentrum and the city centre may use change-free U8, running in 10-minute headway from Moosach via Scheidplatz and Central Station to Sendlinger Tor. Monday to Friday from ca. 6 until 20 hrs. the trains continue to Mangfallplatz.

Quelle: MVG