Mumbai best in Public Transport

November 23, 2018
    Mumbai prefers public transport; Delhi offers best roads and parking most easy in Jammu, says report

    Around 51 percent of people in Mumbai prefer public transport over personal vehicles, Hyderabad is the front-runner in shared mobility and it is easiest to park a vehicle in Jammu, according to a report released on Thursday.

    As per the Ease of Mobility Index 2018, prepared by cab aggregator Ola, while Delhi offers the best surface quality to ride on, you will always find a public transit option near you in Patna as bus stops are at less than 8 minutes of walk.

    The report, released by Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, surveyed over 43,000 respondents from 20 cities across the country. These cities were selected based on five parameters — scale, character, culture, economy and geography.

    It said Jaipur has the best footpath condition for its pedestrians and Kochi leads the way when it comes to auto-rickshaw usage, which is at 32 percent.

    “Kolkata has the most to offer in travel choice; that too the most affordable”, with public transport modes like metro, tram, bus, ferry, taxi and auto-rickshaws.

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