Mustafa, a public transit warrior

February 28, 2018

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    Our Ambassador Mustafa joins us from Turkey. Currently residing in Antalya, Mustafa is an avid swimmer and virtual reality gamer, music listener and mixer, but his biggest passion is traveling and exploring. For this, public transportation serves a major role in his life.

    In 2016, continually frustrated by the lack of updated information available on the local transit app, and after meticulous research, Mustafa switched to a new transit app — Moovit. He was not only impressed by the user-friendly interface, but also by the option Moovit provided to users to help improve the transit experience in his city.

    While browsing the More Menu, Mustafa came across the “Improve your city” button, and after some more investigating decided this is something he can “absolutely do, and help even more people.” After registering to the Moovit Editor, Mustafa dived into learning how to use the platform, relying on the Help Center and video gallery, which he describes as “really clear and very explanatory.”

    Mustafa first started using Moovit in Istanbul, but after returning to Antalya with his family, he started improving the information for the most widely used local line — 1 — and continued to contribute editing in his city until he reached Level 3 when he eagerly applied to become an Ambassador. Mustafa tells us he is proud to see the updates quickly made live in the app and available for his fellow public transit riders to benefit from.

    Despite the challenge of acquiring up-to-date information in certain areas, Mustafa is not discouraged. Despite rebuttals from the local operator to share information, he continues to press on, fueled by the mission to improve urban mobility in his city, and encouraged by what he describes as a “warm, caring, and collaborative” community. Mustafa adds, “helping people is priceless.” We could not agree more! We are proud to have Mustafa as one of our incredible Ambassadors!