New Bus Service 381

March 5, 2017
    Go-Ahead Singapore will launch a new bus service 381 from March 12.

    Bus Service 381  is a feeder service plying from Punggol and looping at Punggol East. It will pass through Punggol Way, Punggol Central, Edgefield Plains and Punggol Field, and connect Punggol East residents with the Punggol Town Centre, Bus Interchange and MRT & LRT Station.

    It will operate from 05:45 to 00:35 daily.

    Detailed routeing: 

    Punggol PlacePunggol Temp Int (65009)
    Punggol FiledOpp Blk 272C (65341)
    Opp Blk 268D (65331)
    Punggol WaySoo Teck Stn (65149)
    Punggol CentralOpp Blk 264A (65401)
    Punggol Stn/Waterway Pt(65251)
    Opp Blk 293 (65221)
    Punggol Sec Sch (65281)
    Edgefield PlainsBlk 178 (65249)
    Punggol FiledBlk 173B (65161)
    Opp Blk 126A (65171)
    Punggol EastBlk 166A (65231)
    Aft Punggol Ctrl (65181)
    Waterway Pr Sch (65561)
     Opp Waterway Pr Sch (65569)
    Bef Punggol Ctrl (65189)
    Opp Blk 166A (65239)
    Punggol FiledBlk 126A (65179)
    Blk 108 (65169)
    Edgefield PlainsBlk 196C (65241)
    Punggol CentralEdgefield Pr Sch (65289)
    Blk 298 (65229)
    Punggol Stn/Int (65259)
    Bef Blk 264 (65409)
    Punggol WaySoo Teck Stn (65141)
    Punggol FieldBlk 268C (65339)
    Blk 272C (65349)
    Punggol PlacePunggol Temp Int (65009)

    Route Map
    Go Ahead Bus Service 381 Route Map

    All changes will be updated in time! Stay tuned!


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