NEW CityRing Lines Munich

June 7, 2018

    New bus lines with straight connections to the city center

    On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the Munich Transport Company (MVG) put the Bus CityRing into operation. The new MVG ring line combines, expands and replaces existing bus lines 58, 148 and 150.

    MVG is thus further improving its public transport service – and networking the buses and trains in Munich’s city center even more than before, also as an alternative to the subway.

    Always every 10 minutes

    The timetable is quickly explained: the ring buses run every day until about 10 pm at least every 10 minutes from the main train station to the main station, in school time as well as during the holidays. The section Hauptbahnhof – Silberhornstraße is served every 5 minutes. Due to the partly parallel bus lines 54/154 and 100, a bus arrives at least every 5 minutes on almost all other CityRing sections. Until about 1.30am the buses run ever 20 minutes.

    Always in a circle

    The CityRing consists of an inner ring and an outer ring. Buses on the inner ring always travel in a clockwise direction as bus number 58. Line number 68 is the buses on the outer ring and go always in the counterclockwise direction. The buses display the line number, the CityRing marking, the destination or important intermediate destinations. This makes the vehicles quick and easy to recognize. To maintain the fine development in the section Ostbahnhof – Kirchenstraße – Max-Weber-Platz (formerly bus 148), the StadtBus 155 will be extended from Ostbahnhof to Max-Weber-Platz

    New direct connections

    The continuous ring closure creates new direct connections between Sendling, Haidhausen, Bogenhausen, Schwabing, and Maxvorstadt. The ring busses will remain on course in the future and close gaps, for example at the main station, Silberhornstrasse, Ostbahnhof, and Tivolistraße. This results in many new direct connections, f.e. between Baldeplatz and Ostbahnhof, Pinakotheken and Goetheplatz, Ostfriedhof and Prinzregentenplatz or Herkomerplatz and Pinakotheken / Technical University. For example, the new offer links the TUM locations even better to Munich’s city center. Short buffer times at individual stops should help to ensure that the buses are as punctual as possible.

    Faster to the destination

    On their circuit, the ring buses reach all subway lines and the S-Bahn main route. They reach the main train station (U1 / U2 / U4 / U5 / U7 / U8), Goetheplatz (U3 / U6), Kolumbusplatz (U1 / U2 / U7), Silberhornstraße (U2 / U7), Ostbahnhof (U5), Prinzregentenplatz (U4), Giselastraße / Universität (U3 / U6) and Königsplatz (U2 / U8). In addition, several tram stations are approached (eg tram 15/18/25 Ostfriedhof, tram 16/17 Herkomerplatz, tram 27/28 Pinakotheken). Thus, the new ring line on many routes also offers an alternative to rail transport. The bus ride from Kolumbusplatz to Ostbahnhof with U1 and U5 takes 16 minutes, while the CityRing takes eleven minutes to get there. In this way, the CityRing also helps to relieve the heavy traffic in the underground.

    The CityRing buses come in more often and until later at night than before. This is especially true for the area between Ostbahnhof, Englisch Garden, and Central Station. Unlike bus lines 148 and 150, which are replaced by the CityRing, ring buses operate every day of the week and every 10 minutes during the day. In the section Ostbahnhof – Herkomerplatz the offer is even doubled. The CityRing contributes here and further in the direction of Schwabing and Maxvorstadt also to relieve the bus lines 54 and 154 at.

    The CityRing makes public transport in the city center even more attractive. The route and timetable are also easy to remember for passengers who have not yet discovered Munich’s public buses. The new offer is also a further contribution to air pollution control in Munich. At peak times, a total of 19 ring busses are in use on the new line. Around 40 drivers make sure that the 40 stops are operated reliably. They complete up to 220 rides a day on the ring.

    And thats the line

    Line 58 – clockwise direction

    The ring busses start at the central station north (Arnulfstraße, U-Bahn / S-Bahn) and drive through the Luisenstraße to the Königsplatz (U2 / U8). Continue through Maxvorstadt towards the university and Giselastraße (U3 / U6). Through the Englischer Garten, the buses reach the Herkomerplatz, then via Schreinerstrasse and Possartstrasse the Prinzregentenplatz (U4). Continue on the Grillparzerstraße to Ostbahnhof (U5 / S-Bahn) and via Orleansstraße and Welfenstraße to Silberhornstraße (U2 / U7) and to Kolumbusplatz (U1 / U2 / U7). The further route leads through the Humboldt, Kapuziner, and Häberlstraße to the Goetheplatz (U3 / U6) and through the Goethe- and Paul-Heyse-Straße to the main station Nord. In the opposite direction, the rides start and end at the main station.

    Source: MVG