New control room to monitor public transport violations in Delhi

January 18, 2018

    NEW DELHI: If you travel by an autorickshaw, bus or taxi your ride will become much safer soon! The Transport Department’s helpline will now track complaints from commuters in real-time from an operations control room. The Transport Department is setting up the new control room at the department’s headquarters in north Delhi’s Civil Lines.

    The Current Helpline Scenario:

    Currently, when a call is made to the transport department’s helpline “42400400”, the complaint is registered but the compilation of all complaints is sent to the department’s headquarters only a day later.

    The new Helpline Scenario:

    This is all going to change soon, as the helpline will now monitor calls in real-time! The department’s operations control centre is now almost ready and the Transport Department will launch it later this month (January). Transport officials claim is the first of its kind in India!