KMB Express Service 613

New KMB Express Service 613

April 19, 2017
    KMB introduced New Express Route 613 on 18 April (Tuesday).

    KMB Express Route 613 plys between On Tat and  Shau Kei Wan. The journey time from Lam Tin Pik Wan Road to Quarry Bay is approximately 35 minutes. Route 613 will depart from On Tat Bus Terminus and go via Sau Mau Ping, Lam Tin Pik Wan Road, Yau Tong and the Eastern Harbour Crossing to Quarry Bay, Tai Koo, Sai Wan Ho and Shau Kei Wan. The full fare is $9.80.

    Daily Timetable

    To Shau Kei WanTo On Tat

    Detailed Bus Stops:

    To Shau Kei WanTo On Tat
    1On Tat B/T$ 9.8 1 Shau Kei Wan MTR logo.svg $ 9.8
    2Po Tat Estate 2Sun Sing Street
    3Sau Ching House 3Hoi An Street
    4Sau Hong House 4 Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre MTR logo.svg
    5Sau Lok House 5Tai Foo Street
    6Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre 6 Kornhill Plaza MTR logo.svg
    7Sau On House 7 Bo Fung Gardens MTR logo.svg
    8Sau Ming House 8Sunway Gardens
    9Upper Sau Mau Ping 9Mansion Street
    10Hing Tin$ 9.3 10Healthy Village
    11Lam Tin Park 11Tin Chiu Street
    12Tak Lok House  Route4.gif Island Eastern Corridor Route2.gif Eastern Harbour Tunnel
    13Tak Lung House 12Eastern Harbour Tunnel$ 5.7
    14Kwong Ching House 13St. Antonius Girls’ College
    15 Kwong Tin Shopping Centre 14 Yau Tong Estate MTR logo.svg
    16Ko Chun Court 15Ko Yee Estate
    17Ko Yee Estate 16Ko Chun Court
    18Lei Yue Mun PlazaMTR logo.svg 17Kam Pak House
    19Yau Tong Estate 18Lung Pak House
    20St. Antonius Girls’ College 19Hong Nga Court
    21Eastern Harbour Tunnel 20Tak Hong House
    Route2.gif Eastern Harbour Tunnel Route4.gif Island Eastern Corridor21Tak King House
    22Healthy Village$ 4.5 22Hing Tin
    23Model Housing Estate 23Sau Fai House
    24North Point Government Primary SchoolMTR logo.svg 24Po Tat Estate
    25Sunway Gardens 25Sin Tat House
    26Shipyard Lane 26On Tat B/T
    27CityplazaMTR logo.svg
    28Tai On BuildingMTR logo.svg
    29Hoi An Street
    30Aldrich Bay Road
    31Nam On Lane
    32Shau Kei Wan MTR logo.svg


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