KMB Route N3D

August 8, 2018

    KMB Route N3D will start service on 11 August. It will travel from Kwun Tong Yue Man Square to Tsz Wan Shan Central. 


    Departures: 00:45, 01:05, 01:25

    The full fare is $6.7.

    Stops passing by:

    Bus Stop
    Kwun Tong (Yue Man Square) Bus Terminus觀塘(裕民坊)總站
    Millennium City創紀之城
    Ting Fu Street Kwun Tong觀塘定富街
    Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate牛頭角下邨
    Telford Gardens德福花園
    Kowloon Bay Station九龍灣站
    Kai Tai Court啟泰苑
    Tan Fung House丹鳳樓
    Choi Hung彩虹
    Chun Tok School真鐸學校
    Grandview Garden宏景花園
    Po Kong Village Road School Village蒲崗村道學校村
    Tak Oi Secondary School德愛中學
    Tsz Man Estate慈民邨
    Tsz On Court慈安苑
    Ching Fai House正暉樓
    Tsz Wan Shan (Central) Bus Terminus慈雲山(中)總站


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