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New Short Trip Services

September 6, 2017

    For a better & more convenient public transportation system.

    On September 8, SMRT launch short trip service 856A to cater to evening peak cross-border commuters heading to Woodlands Checkpoint.

    The service will depart from Woodlands Temp Int to Woodlands Ctr Rd (W’lands Train Checkpt).

    And it operates from 17:50 to 19:30 on Friday.

    On September 10, SMRT launch new short trip services 912A & 912B to enhance the service 912.


    Service 912A will ply the Eastern Loop along Woodlands Drive 50, Ring Road and Admiralty MRT station

    Service 912B will ply the Western Loop along Woodlands Avenue 1, Street 41 and Woodlands Centre Road (Woodlands Train Checkpoint).

    There will be no change in route for Intra-town Service 912 and variant Service 912M.

    Commuters travelling between the Eastern and Western loops can continue their journeys on Intra-town Service 912.

    Check the schedules here:



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