Next AC local for Mumbaikars by March

January 31, 2019
    The new rakes is designed along the lines of the existing AC local

    As soon as the new AC local rake arrives, they will be inducted into service with minimal inspections and testing.

    As the existing AC local has all the requisite sanctions from various authorities such as the Commissioner of Railway Safety.

    Western Railway will get 5 and Central Railway will get 6 rakes out of 11 rakes with BHEL components.

    The Railways are planning for partial AC trains for Mumbai by getting rakes with Medha components.

    Research Design Standards Organisation (RDSO) is working on the project.

    RDSO is also undertaking trials for rake which is arriving in the city by February.

    The city will also get 47 AC local rakes under the Mumbai Urban Transport Project 3.

    These rakes will have higher acceleration and also underslung equipment.




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