Panic button and Vehicle Tracking System now must on new buses, taxis in Mumbai

January 10, 2019
    The Central government has made it mandatory for all new vehicles plying as public transport to have these facilities to ensure passenger safety.

    Mumbai’s transport department has started cracking the whip on new vehicles used in public transport, to ensure they have Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS) and panic buttons.

    New buses belonging to BEST and MSRTC, all the types of new taxis including black&yellow, tourist and app-based will have to install VTS at the time of registration.

    As a result, if new vehicles in public transports don’t have VTS and panic buttons they won’t be registered.

    While the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) made these features mandatory for new vehicles.

    As a result, it was left to the state to decide about the existing vehicles.

    Seems like the Maharashtra government is likely to give some more period for existing vehicles for fitment of these features.

    VTS will also help in recording accident cases and avoiding traffic jams

    Finally, The system help improve the public transport system as a lot of data will be available for research


    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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