Latest Service Update

September 13, 2023

    Due to driver shortages, some Vision and Stott’s bus services will not operate this week.

    Both operators are working to try and cover as many services as possible. For more information on which services are impacted, take a look at the list of bus numbers below and the service times that will not be operating.

    Vision services which will not operate on Wednesday 13 September

    1 – Bolton to Blackburn Town Centre bus route

    Towards Bolton: 10.08pm, 11.08pm
    Towards Egerton: 10.50pm, 11.35pm

    8 – Leigh to Wigan bus route

    Towards Wigan: 7.57pm, 8.57pm, 9.57pm
    Towards Leigh: 8.35pm, 9.35pm, 10.35pm
    Towards Hindley: 11.42pm

    129 – Higher Green to Farnworth bus route

    Towards Higher Green: 10.44am, 1.44pm, 3.44pm, 4.46pm, 6.55pm
    Towards Farnworth: 11.40am, 2.40pm, 4.43pm, 5.47pm

    480 – Bury to Bolton bus route

    Towards Bury: 4.25pm
    Towards Ramsbottom: 5.25pm

    511 – Bolton to Bury bus route

    Towards Bolton: 7.37pm, 9.37pm, 11.37pm
    Towards Bury: 8.45pm, 10.45pm

    512 – Bury to Prestolee and Kearsley to Farnworth bus routes

    Towards Bury: 3.14pm, 6.19pm
    Towards Prestolee: 11.30am, 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 5.35pm
    Towards Farnworth: 9.19am, 7.24pm
    Towards Kearsley: 9.02am, 7.02pm

    513 – Bury to Ringley Bridge and Kearsley to Farnworth bus routes

    Towards Bury: 9.46am, 12.14pm, 2.48pm, 4.51pm
    Towards Ringley: 9.08am, 2.10pm, 4.13pm

    516 – Leigh to Horwich bus route

    Towards Horwich: 7.07pm
    Towards Leigh: 7.59pm

    521 – Little Lever to Blackrod bus route

    Towards Little Lever: 9.11am

    525 – Bolton to Hall I Th Wood circular bus route


    526 – Bolton to Barrow Bridge bus route

    Towards Barrow Bridge: 3.30pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm
    Towards Bolton: 3.54pm, 4.54pm, 5.54pm, 6.54pm

    527 – Bolton to Halliwell circular bus route


    534 – Bolton to Oldham Estate bus route

    Towards Oldham: 8.20pm
    Towards Bolton: 8.40pm

    535 – Belmont to Bolton bus route

    Towards Belmont: 5.10pm
    Towards Bolton: 5.39pm

    541 – Bolton to Toppings bus route

    Towards Toppings: 9pm, 10pm and 11pm
    Towards Bolton: 9.20pm, 10.20pm and 11.20pm

    573 – Bolton to Heaton circular bus route

    3.08pm, 4.08pm, 8.03pm

    574 – Bolton to Lever Edge circular bus route


    588 – Leigh to Firs Lane circular bus route

    7.14pm, 9.14pm and 11.14pm

    594 – Leigh to Bedford circular bus route

    6.46pm and 10.20pm

    Stott’s services which will not operate 11-15 September

    Stott’s will not be running the following services of the remainder of the week due to staffing issues.

    151 – Higher Crumpsall to Ashton-under-Lyne bus route

    Towards Ashton: 7am, 7.53am, 9.33am, 11.07am, 12.33pm, 2,07pm, 3.43pm and 5.13pm

    Towards Higher Crumpsall: 6.55am, 7.33am, 9.07am, 10.33am, 12.07pm, 1.33pm, 3.07pm, 4.43pm and 6.13pm

    335 – Ashton-under-Lyne to Dane Bank bus route

    Towards Dane Bank: 7.06am, 9.19am, 11.19am, 1.19pm, 3.19pm and 5.27pm

    387 – Ashton-under-Lyne to Hyde bus route

    Towards Hyde: 6.38am, 7.51am, 8.57am, 9.57am, 10.57am, 11.57am, 12.57pm, 1.57pm, 3.01pm 4.15pm and 5.22pm.

    396 – Ashton-under-Lyne to Middleton bus route

    Towards Ashton: 8.47am, 11.47am, 2.47pm and 5.54pm
    Towards Middleton: 7.25am, 10.35am, 1.35pm and 4.35pm


    Source: TfGM