Metrolink Services

Merseyside Travel Update

July 24, 2016

    Bus Services


    6/6E Liverpool – Huyton
    Arriva service is withdrawn. Just 2 Monday to Saturday morning Merseytravel journeys remain – from Queen Squarebus station at 0610 (arriving Huyton at 0635) and 0528 from Lunts Heath (arriving Huyton 0540 and Queen Square at 0605).
    7/7A/7E Liverpool – Huyton or Warrington
    All journeys are numbered 7, with Saturday and Sunday daytime journeys extended with all now running between Liverpool and Warrington. Times are changed.
    12/13 Liverpool – Stockbridge Village circulars
    Summer service introduced, Monday to Friday daytime frequency reduced to every 12 minutes. Some journeys are retimed.
    14/14A/14B/14X Liverpool – Croxteth, Tower Hill, Knowsley Village or Kirkby
    Summer service introduced, reducing Monday to Friday daytime frequency to every 5 minutes. Evening Route 14A journeys now operate to Kirkby Bus Station only, no longer carrying on to Tower Hill. Tower Hill 14A journeys are rerouted to serve Saxon Way (formerly served by withdrawn Route 992), but no longer run along Headbolt Lane or
    Pingwood Lane. Times are changed.
    14/14A/14B Liverpool – Widnes,Murdishaw
    Some times are changed.
    15 Liverpool – Huyton
    A summer service is introduced, with the Monday to Friday daytime frequency reduced from every 7/8 minutes to every 10 minutes. Monday to Friday evening journeys now run to/from Liverpool ONE bus station. Some times are changed.
    17 Liverpool – Fazakerley, Aintree University Hospital or Kirkby
    Journeys no longer run to Gillmoss, with journeys now running between Liverpool city centre and Aintree University Hospital or Kirkby Admin bus facility via the new Kirkby bus station.
    The frequency is unchanged but some journeys have been retimed.
    19 Liverpool – Gilmoss, Croxteth, Kirkby or Kirkby Admin
    Route 19: Some additional journeys introduced and some times changed. Route 119 and 244 supported journeys are now commercialised and will run as 19’s. Times and routes are changed.
    20 Liverpool – Tower Hill
    Reduced summer frequency, Monday to Saturday daytime journeys now run every 12 minutes. The times have changed.
    21 Liverpool – Northwood
    Reduced summer Monday – Saturday daytime frequency. Now run every 12 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.
    Additional journeys on Sunday morning replacing the withdrawn 242 service. The times have changed.
    23 Knowsley Industrial Park – Fazakerley circular
    Service withdrawn. Replaced in part by other rerouted services 214/215.
    52/52A Liverpool – Netherton
    Evening and Sunday journeys are extended via Netherton to Old Roan. Times are changed.
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    53 Liverpool – Crosby
    Monday to Saturday daytime joint frequency reduced to every 7/8 minutes. Some times are changed.
    54 Liverpool – Thornton
    Route from Thornton into Liverpool changed, with buses now entering the city centre via Old Hall Street instead of
    the lower section of Vauxhall Road. Some minor changes to times.
    56 Liverpool – Netherton
    Route 56D introduced on Monday to Fridays during the AM peak, running through to serve Dale Street. Some retimings.
    60 Bootle – Aigburth Vale
    Summer service introduced – Monday to Friday daytime frequency is reduced from every 12 to every 15 minutes.
    61 Bootle – Aigburth Vale
    Summer service introduced – Monday to Friday daytime frequency has been reduced from every 12 to every 15 minutes.
    61/61A Liverpool – Rainhill, Widnes or Murdishaw
    Some times are changed.
    63 Bootle – Fazakerley – Bootle
    Times are changed to offer better connections with Route 53.
    81/81A Bootle – Speke, Liverpool John Lennon Airport
    Summer service introduced – Monday to Friday daytime frequency has been reduced from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
    82/82D Liverpool – Liverpool South Parkway or Speke
    Summer service introduced with the Monday to Friday daytime frequencies of both Arriva and Stagecoach services reduced. Some other times are changed.
    86/86A/86C/86D Liverpool – Childwall, Garston, Liverpool South Parkway or Liverpool Airport
    Summer service introduced with the Monday to Friday daytime frequencies of both Arriva and Stagecoach services reduced. Some other times are changed.
    97/97A/98/98A Kirkby Circulars
    Stagecoach replacement services for withdrawn Routes 197 and 198. There are some route changes with County Road and Boyes Brow omitted but have replaced sections of withdrawn Route 992, now serving Kirkby Park and Westvale. Times have been changed.
    119 Liverpool – Kirkby
    Saturday morning journeys replaced by additional Route 19 journeys.
    121 Aintree – Broadway
    Mon – Sat daytime journeys are replaced by new Route 214 and rerouted Route 215. Evening and Sunday times are changed.
    133 Kirkby – Waterloo
    Service is rerouted between Kirkby and Maghull. Route no longer serves Melling but now runs along Bank Lane, Prescot Road and School Lane, serving Ashworth Hospital. Times are changed.
    163/263 Belle Vale – Halewood circulars
    Services revised to cover sections of withdrawn Route 193.
    192/193 Walton or Kirkby – Halewood, Fazakerley, Kirkby or Huyton – Halewood 217/227 Kirkby Circulars
    Stagecoach daytime Route 217 and 227 journeys are retimed. Evening and Sunday Route 192 journeys are withdrawn but replaced by Merseytravel 217 and 227 journeys which operate between Kirkby Bus Station and Halewood via Huyton, no longer serving Kirkby Merseyrail station. The Evening and Sunday journeys are also rerouted to serve the Longview area. Times are changed.
    Former Route 356 Monday to Friday morning journeys are replaced by Route 217 and 227 journeys. Daytime Route 193 journeys are withdrawn, but service 163/263 is extended to Huyton Bus Station.
    214 Walton Park – Fazakerley – Croxteth – Broadway – Walton Park
    New Mon – Sat daytime service introduced to replace sections of withdrawn Routes 23 and 121.
    215 Walton Park – Orrell Park – Aintree – Fazakerley – Croxteth – Broadway – Walton Park
    Journeys are rerouted to serve sections of routes 23 and 121 – Seeds Lane and Orrell Lane. Times are changed.
    242 Liverpool – Northwood
    Sunday morning journeys replaced by additional Route 21 journeys.
    244 Liverpool – Kirkby Admin
    Sunday morning journeys replaced by additional Route 19 journeys.
    356 Bootle – Kirkby Admin
    Route number 356 is withdrawn but the journeys are now operated as Routes 217/227.
    990/991/992/993 Kirkby – Northwood Circulars
    Services are withdrawn but are replaced by the diverting of other Kirkby services, thus maintaining links with the Civic Centre.
    X3 Liverpool – Kirkby
    Service is extended from Kirkby bus station via Southdene to Kirkby Admin, continuing around the Knowsley Industrial Park. Times are changed.
    Southport 15/15A Birkdale – Marshside
    Service 15A is rerouted to run via York Road instead of Alma Road and Upper Aughton Road. Times are unchanged.
    160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165 Formby Circulars
    Services are withdrawn but replaced by the new Cumfybus routes F1 – F6.
    F1, F2, F3, F4, F5,F6 Formby Circulars
    New services introduced by Cumfybus to replace withdrawn routes 160-165.
    Wirral 38/38A Heswall/West Kirby – Bromborough
    Both services are re-routed around Port Sunlight. Times are changed.

    Rail Services

    Wirral Line:
    There are no planned changes to Wirral Line services this week
    Northern Line:
    From Monday 18th July the ticket office at Fazakerley station will be closed for refurbishment for approximately 3 weeks. During this time there will be no lift access to either platform. The station will remain unstaffed throughout the duration of the refurbishment. The nearest station with disabled access is Aintree or Kirkby. Please buy your tickets in advance or at your destination station.
    Moorfields station refurbishment:
    The works on Northern Line Platform 2 – trains to Southport, Ormskirk and Kirkby – are now complete, the platform is re-open and trains have resumed picking up passengers. While most of the major improvement works have now been completed, some work will continue around the station until the end of the year.
    City Line:
    On Mondays to Fridays from Monday 11 July the 1717 Liverpool Lime Street to Blackpool North service will terminate at Preston.
    On Sunday 24 and Saturday 30 July Network Rail will be carrying out work both directions between Southport/Kirkby – Manchester – Manchester Airport so a revised timetable will be in operation.