North West Changes

Travel in the North West 

July 18, 2019

    Buses on Diversion

    There are disruptions occurring in the following areas, resulting in diversions in these bus routes:


    • Elton Head Road (St Helens) – Routes 156, 719 and 733 are affected.
      • Elton Head Road will be closed, between The Score and St Helens Linkway, from Thursday 23 August 2018 until further notice.


    • Greendale Road (Bebington) – Route 2 is affected.
      • Due to a revised road layout at the junction of Greendale Road and Bebington Road, buses are currently unable to complete the turn at this junction. The diversion below will be in place until further notice.


    • Grove Street (Toxteth) – Routes 201 and 699 are affected.
      • Grove Street will be closed from the junction of Oxford Street to the junction of Myrtle Street in both directions, from Monday 10 June until Sunday 30 June 2019.


    • Sumner Road (Formby) – Routes F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 are affected.
      • Sumner Road will be closed, at Three Tuns Lane, from Monday 15 July 2019 for approximately 2 weeks.


    • Connectivity Scheme – Current Diversions (city centre).
      • Outbound services using Victoria Street and Sir Thomas Street are affected, as well as some inbound services.
      • Victoria Street will be subject to lane closures and stop suspensions from Monday 4 February 2019 for approximately 10 months.
      • Buses will not be diverted but will be unable to call at stops VB, VC, VD and VE on Victoria Street; or SA and SB on Sir Thomas Street. Please see below for where to catch your bus during phase 3.


    • Greenbank Lane (Sefton Park) – Routes 4 and 4A are affected.
      • Greenbank Lane will be closed, between Greenbank Road and Mossley Hill Drive, from Friday 19 July 2019 for approximately 3 days.


    • Rupert Road (Roby) – Routes 8, 9, 15 and 239 are affected.
      • Rupert Road will be closed, between Church Road and Kingsway, from Monday 22 July 2019 for approximately 2 weeks.


    • Old Park Lane (Southport) – Route 46A is affected.
      • Old Park Lane will be closed, between Bispham Road and Roe Lane, on Tuesday 23 July 2019 for 1 day only.


    • Netherfield Road North (Everton) – Route 21 is affected.
      • Netherfield Road North will be closed, between Mark Street and Everton Valley, from Tuesday 16 July 2019 for approximately 5 nights, between 2000 and 0600 each night.


    • Southbank Road (Southport) – Route 44 is affected.
      • Southbank Road will be closed, at Falkland Road, on Tuesday 23 July 2019, from 0930 for a period of 2-3 hours.


    • Haig Avenue (Southport) – Route 44 is affected.
      • Haig Avenue will be closed, between Forest Road and Dodworth Avenue, on Tuesday 23 July 2019 for approximately 1 day only.


    • Hornhouse Lane (Kirkby) – Route X3 is affected.
      • Hornhouse Lane will be closed, at South Boundary Road, from Monday 22 July 2019 for approximately 3 days.


    • Hardman Street (city centre) – Routes 75, 80/80E, 80A, 86, 86A and 86C are affected.
      • Hardman Street will be closed, between Rodney Street and Hope Street, on Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 July 2019, between 0730 and 1730.


    Source > MerseyTravel