Notice of Bus Route Detours and Street Closures Due to NATO Summit

July 10, 2024

    Dates: Wednesday, July 10, 2024 – Friday, July 12, 2024

    Due to the NATO Summit, the following bus routes will be detoured: 3F, 3Y, 11Y, 16E, 16Y, 32, 33, 36, 42, 43, 52, 59, 63, 64, 70, 74, 79, 80, D4, D6, G8, N2, N4, N6, P6, S2, X2. Please allow additional travel time.

    Street Closures:

    • 7th St (I St to O St, NW)
    • 9th St (I St to O St, NW)
    • 10th St (H St to L St, NW)
    • K St (6th St to 11th St, NW)
    • Mount Vernon Pl (7th St to 9th St, NW)
    • L St, M St, N St (6th St to 10th St, NW)
    • New York Ave (6th St to 12th St, NW)
    • Massachusetts Ave (6th St to 11th St, NW)
    • Constitution Ave (9th St to 17th St, NW)
    • Pennsylvania Ave (9th St to 15th St, NW)
    • 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th St (Various segments)
    • E St (13th St to 15th St, NW)
    • 14th St Bridge ramp, I-395 Exits (Various segments)

    Detour Highlights:

    • 3F & 3Y Langston Blvd – McPherson Sq: Operate between East Fall Church and 13th St NW at H St (Stop ID #1003958).
    • 16E Columbia Pike: Eastbound detour at S Rotary Rd, resuming on K St NW at 13th St; Westbound detour at 13th St NW, resuming at Army-Navy Dr.
    • 16Y Columbia Pk – Farragut Square: Operate between Barcroft and 13th St NW at H St (Stop ID #1003957).
    • 11Y Mt Vernon Express: Northbound detour at 14th St Bridge, resuming on I St NW at 15th; Southbound detour at 18th St NW, resuming on W Abingdon Dr.
    • 32, 36 Pennsylvania Ave: Eastbound detour at Washington Cir, resuming on Pennsylvania Ave NW at 7th St; Westbound detour at 6th St, resuming on I St NW at 15th St.
    • 42, 43 Mount Pleasant: Northbound detour at 21st St NW, resuming on Connecticut Ave NW at M St; Southbound detour at 17th St NW, resuming on 19th St NW at H St.
    • 52, 59 14th Street: Northbound detour at D St SW, resuming on 14th St SW at Jefferson Dr; Southbound detour at 14th St NW, resuming on D St SW at 6th St.
    • 63, 64 Takoma – Petworth: Operate between Takoma Station and 9th St NW at G St (Stop ID #100184).
    • 70, 79 Georgia Ave-7th St: Northbound detour at 7th St NW at G St, resuming on Georgia Ave NW at W St; Southbound detour at Rhode Island Ave, resuming on 7th St NW at R St.
    • D4, D6, G8, N2, N4, N6: Various detours around H St, 13th St, 17th St, 9th St, and K St.
    • P6 Anacostia-Eckington: Northbound detour on Pennsylvania Ave NW at 6th St; Southbound detour on H St NW at 9th St.
    • S2 16th Street: Operate between Silver Spring Transit Center and 14th St NW at New York Ave (Stop ID #1000867).
    • X2 Benning Road-H Street: Eastbound detour on Pennsylvania Ave NW at 20th St, resuming on H St NW at 11th St.

    Plan your journeys accordingly and check for updates.