Ongoing improvements

February 28, 2017

    As a matter of safety and improving the transit experience for our customers and all our state’s citizens, the Maryland Transit Administration works continuously to maintain and improve our infrastructure and facilities statewide. Here are some of the ongoing improvements we’re working on currently and those that are most likely to have an impact on the traveling public.smoothly.


    Rehab and Repairs to Metro Aerial, Bridge, and Station Structures

    DESCRIPTION: Concrete Repairs at the West Cold Spring Metro Station.
    IMPACT: Certain portions of the mezzanine level pedestrian walking areas will be temporarily closed and patrons will be redirected accordingly.

    Old Court Metro Station Roof Replacement

    DESCRIPTION: Roof replacement
    IMPACT: Certain sections of the pedestrian/ticketing area on the mezzanine level will be temporarily closed during the installation of roof drains. Patrons will be redirected accordingly.


    Cromwell Light Rail Storm Water Facility Retrofit

    DESCRIPTION: Maintenance on the existing storm water management pond at the south side of the parking lot and access road
    IMPACT: Construction will restrict part of the south drive along the curbed grass area and between the entrance and parking area.