Punggol Point LRT Station

Opening of Punggol Point LRT Station

December 26, 2016

    Punggol Point Station (PW3) on the West Loop of the Punggol LRT will open on Thursday, 29 December 2016.

    Train services will continue to operate as usual.

    From the start of operation to 3pm daily, the LRT trains will operate in one direction from Sam Kee Station (PW1), Punggol Point Station (PW3), Nibong Station (PW5), Sumang Station (PW6), Soo Teck Station (PW7) to Punggol Town Centre Station in a continuous loop.

    From 3pm to the end of service, the trains will move in the opposite direction, departing from the Punggol Town Centre Station and arriving at Sam Kee Station (PW1) last.

    It will provide the majority of commuters with a faster way to get to the Town Centre during the first half of the day and back to their homes during the second half of the day.

    Trains will continue to operate at a frequency of between seven and eight minutes throughout the day.

    There is also no change to the timings of the first and last train.

    Moovit has updated for you all the relevant information in the app.

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