samudera station

Opening of Samudera Station

March 30, 2017

    Samudera Station on Punggol West LRT Loop open today. 

    With the opening of the Samudera Station, train services will continue to run only in one direction.

    • From the start of operations to 3pm daily, the loop service serves Sam Kee Station (PW1) as the first stop.
    • From 3pm to the end of service, trains move in the opposite direction, departing from Punggol Town Centre with Soo Teck Station (PW7) as the first stop.

    Trains will operate at a frequency of between 7 & 8 minutes and the first and last train timing remain the same.

    With the opening of the Samudera Station, all 7 stations on the Punggol West LRT Loop would be available for passenger service except for Teck Lee Station (PW2). It will only be opened in tandem with the developments in the surrounding areas.

    Samudera LRT station has an exit on each side of Punggol Way.

    ExitDisabled accessLocationNearby
    AYesPunggol WayMarina Country Club, Northshore Residences I, Northshore Residences II, Waterfront I @ Northshore, Waterfront II @ Northshore, Punggol Park Connector
    BYesPunggol WayPonggol Seventeenth Avenue, Whiteshores, White Cove, Christian Care Services Singapore


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